List of WW1 Casualties

Civilian Deaths as a result of direct military action: 950,000 Civilian Deaths caused by disease and famine: 6 million  Country with the most military deaths: Germany (2.1 million) Country with highest total death toll: Russia (3.8 million)  Highest Percentage of population killed: Serbia (16.11%) 250,000 British Soldiers were suffered a partial or full amputation, as a … Read more

WW1 Timeline

This World War 1 timeline covers all the key WW1 dates, all the way from the start, to the end of the war. 1914 28 June: Franz Ferdinand (Archduke of Austria) is assassinated in Sarajevo. 28 July: Austria declares war with Serbia. 1 August: Germany declares war with Russia. 3 August: Germany declares war with France. On the same … Read more